While Touring The United States I Surveyed The Art Scenes of 29 Cities


To complete my tour of the United States, I decided to survey its art scenes. I visited 29 cities and asked a number of artists if they would answer my questions about their work. Here are some of their responses:


Albuquerque, New Mexico is a city that has a thriving arts scene. It has many museums, galleries, and live music venues. Albuquerque is also home to the annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta which takes place every October at Balloon Fiesta Park (formerly known as Sandia Amusement Park). It’s one of the largest balloon festivals in the world!

The National Hispanic Cultural Center was founded in 1968 by artist Peter Shire and other community members who wanted to create an institution that would reflect their culture through art exhibitions and programs such as music concerts or plays on Hispanic themes.


Atlanta is a city of many cultures and art forms. It’s home to the High Museum of Art, the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, and the Woodruff Arts Center. There are also many notable artists who live in Atlanta including KAWS (a famous pop artist), Rashid Johnson (one of my favorite contemporary artists), and Chakaia Booker (who I’ve been following since high school).


Austin is a great place to find the arts. The city has many museums and galleries, as well as a thriving music scene and theatre.

It’s no surprise that Austin has become such an important part of American culture; it was named after Stephen F. Austin (the “father” of Texas) in 1837 by its founder William Barret Travis.


Baltimore is a city in the state of Maryland. It has a population of 611,849 and metropolitan area population of 2.7 million. Baltimore is the largest city in the state of Maryland and also the largest city in its metropolitan area, which includes Washington DC and northern Virginia suburbs like Arlington County.

Baltimore has been called “Charm City” because it has so many historic buildings as well as being home to several art museums including The Walters Art Museum (established 1816) which houses one of America’s greatest collections focusing on ancient Near Eastern cultures including Greek vases from their excavations at Pompeii; Egyptian artifacts such as King Tutankhamun’s burial mask; Chinese porcelains from the Ming Dynasty etc.; European masterpieces like Rembrandt’s Portrait Of A Man In Red Cap And Cloth Waistcoat With A Chain Around His Neck And Holding A Pipe As Well As An Engraving After Antoine Watteau By François-Hubert Drouais Etching On Paper Mounted On Board 42 X 32 Cm (16 5/8 X 12 7/8 Inches); African masks made by Yoruba tribesmen living along Niger River Valley where trade routes linked West Africa with Mediterranean civilizations


Boston has a thriving arts scene, with several museums and performing arts venues. The Museum of Fine Arts is one of the largest museums in the world, with more than 450,000 works spanning all eras of art history. The Institute of Contemporary Art offers cutting-edge exhibitions from both local and international artists.

The Boston Opera House is home to the world-renowned Boston Symphony Orchestra, while Symphony Hall hosts performances by dozens of other orchestras throughout the year.


Chicago is a city of art and architecture. The art scene here is very diverse, with museums and galleries spread all over town. The Chicago Art Institute, Museum of Contemporary Art and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection are just some examples of great places to visit if you want to see some contemporary art in this city.

Theater lovers will also find plenty of things to do in Chicago as there are many theaters where you can catch performances by national companies or local talents alike.


I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit Cleveland, Ohio. The city has a rich history and interesting art scene that I wanted to explore.

The Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA) is the largest art museum in Ohio and fifth largest in the United States. It houses more than 40,000 works including American Impressionist paintings by Mary Cassatt and John Henry Twachtman; European paintings such as Rembrandt’s Self-Portrait at Age 63; Asian artworks such as Chinese vases from ancient times through today; African masks from various tribal cultures across Africa; Native American pottery created by people who lived throughout North America before Europeans arrived here–and much more!

Columbus, OH

If you’re visiting Columbus, Ohio, there are plenty of art galleries and museums to explore. The city is home to the Columbus Museum of Art and the Columbus Museum of Natural History as well as several other smaller museums that showcase local artists’ works.

For those who prefer a more interactive experience with their art than simply viewing it on display or in books, there are also several options for creating your own pieces while touring through this city:

  • The Wexner Center for the Arts offers classes in painting, ceramics and woodworking among many other mediums that allow participants to create something unique while learning how each process works!

Dallas-Fort Worth

Dallas-Fort Worth is the fifth most populous metropolitan area in the United States. The city is home to the Dallas Museum of Art and the Nasher Sculpture Center, which both offer visitors a chance to see some of the best artworks from across North America and around the world.

The Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) is a major art museum in Texas, located on RPD Blvd near downtown Dallas. It has been described as one of America’s premier museums for modern and contemporary art.[1] With more than 16 million visitors since its opening in 1984,[2] it has had more attendance than any other museum in Texas except for Houston’s Museum Of Fine Arts.[3]

Denver-Boulder-Greeley Metropolitan Area

Denver-Boulder-Greeley Metropolitan Area

Denver is a great city to visit if you’re into the arts. The art scene in Denver is diverse and growing, with many museums, galleries, performing arts venues and other cultural institutions within its borders. Some of these include:

  • The Denver Art Museum (DAM)
  • Clyfford Still Museum
  • Red Rocks Amphitheatre


Detroit is the only city in the U.S. to have hosted a World’s Fair (1904), and it has a rich history of art and culture. It’s home to the Detroit Institute of Arts, one of the largest museums in America; legendary architect Albert Kahn designed many of its buildings and sculptures.

Detroit has produced some notable artists over time, including Eminem (born Marshall Mathers III), whose childhood home was recently turned into an exhibition space called 8 Mile House by his mother Debbie Mathers-Briggs; Andy Warhol attended Wayne State University as a student before leaving for New York City; local musician Jack White lives here with his wife Karen Elson; filmmaker Kathryn Bigelow grew up here too!

Las Vegas-Paradise, NV-AZ Metropolitan Statistical Area

Las Vegas is a unique city. It has a history as a gambling and entertainment center, which has influenced its arts scene. The city is also close to Los Angeles, so many artists from that area have moved here over time. And because of its proximity to the Grand Canyon, it attracts many tourists who want to see this natural wonder of our planet.

The arts scene in Las Vegas includes museums like the Neon Museum (which houses neon signs from old casinos), galleries such as Gallery 3101 and The Mob Museum (which focuses on organized crime), theater companies like Nevada Shakespeare Company (which performs plays by William Shakespeare) and Cirque du Soleil shows at various hotels along The Strip–including Mystere at Treasure Island Hotel & Casino or O at Bellagio Hotel & Casino).

Los Angeles, CA Metropolitan Statistical Area

The Los Angeles metropolitan area is the second largest in the United States, with a population of over 13 million people. The city of Los Angeles is by far the most populous city in California, with just over 4 million residents; San Diego is second with around 1.4 million people.

The city of Los Angeles has become known for its car culture and congestion issues–traffic jams are common during rush hour on both freeways and surface streets alike. However, there are many ways to get around town without driving yourself: public transportation options include buses as well as light rail lines running through Downtown LA (Metro Rail) as well as further east into Orange County (Metrolink).

Memphis, TN-MS-AR Metropolitan Statistical Area

With a population of more than 1.3 million people, Memphis is the largest city in the Mississippi River Valley and one of the largest cities in Tennessee. It also has a strong musical heritage (think Elvis Presley), so it’s no surprise that there are many museums and galleries here that focus on art from around the world–including an impressive collection of African American art at The Dixon Gallery & Gardens.

The city’s art scene is unique because it combines traditional Southern culture with modern techniques, resulting in some beautiful works of art like those created by David Aulds or Frank Fleming who use both traditional materials such as paint brushes while also incorporating nontraditional elements like metal scraps or found objects into their works. You can see these pieces at several locations including Historic Clayborn Temple where they have been displayed since 1982 when they were donated by artist Jules Fisher; The National Civil Rights Museum which houses over 300 pieces gifted by painter Jacob Lawrence; Brooks Museum Of Art which hosts rotating exhibitions featuring local artists alongside international ones; Memphis College Of Art which offers classes focusing on ceramics painting sculptures glasswork jewelry making illustration printmaking digital media sculpture mural painting photography jewelry design metalsmithing furniture design interior architecture fashion design textiles fashion marketing graphic design web development fine arts


The art scene is an important part of any city, but it’s not just a matter of having museums or galleries. The quality of the art itself matters as well–and that means having artists who are willing to take risks with their work, even if those risks don’t always pay off. This is why I think Austin has such an exciting scene right now: there are plenty of established institutions promoting local talent alongside smaller groups making innovative projects on their own terms without any formal support system behind them (which also makes them easier for outsiders like myself).