The Best African Restaurants In New York


New York City is a haven for food lovers, and as such, it has no shortage of African restaurants. If you’re looking for a taste of home, or just want to try something new, check out these five great African restaurants in New York:

Senegalese Cuisine

Senegalese cuisine is influenced by the French, but also by other African countries. Senegal is a country in West Africa and it was formerly a French colony. Its capital is Dakar.

The Senegalese diet revolves around rice or millet as its staple food; however, they also eat a lot of fish and seafood. They make use of many spices such as cayenne pepper (especially for their spicy dishes), ginger root, onion powder and garlic powder among others to enhance flavor in their dishes.

Ethiopian Cuisine

Ethiopian cuisine is a blend of African, Middle Eastern, and Indian influences. It’s often served on a large platter that’s shared among guests. The main course consists of meat or vegetables cooked in spicy stew-like sauces (spiciness can be adjusted to taste).

Ethiopian food can be enjoyed at traditional Ethiopian restaurants or by ordering takeout from one of these restaurants:

Nigerian Cuisine

If you’re looking for some authentic Nigerian food, look no further than these restaurants:

  • The Nigerian restaurant at Five Leaves in Brooklyn serves dishes like jollof rice (a traditional rice cooked in tomato sauce), egusi soup (a thick stew made with groundnuts) and plantains. If you want something a little more adventurous, try their goat meat pepper soup or beef stew with okra.
  • Another great option is Nkongs African Market & Restaurant on 6th Avenue in Manhattan which has both indoor seating as well as outdoor tables on the sidewalk. They serve a variety of dishes including egusi soup; pounded yam; jollof rice; beef stewed with spinach leaves; oxtail stewed with onions & peppers; fried plantains & yams cooked in palm oil or butter..

There are many African restaurants in New York, and these are some of the best.

There are many African restaurants in New York, and these are some of the best.

Senegalese cuisine is a style of cooking that originated in Senegal. It’s characterized by its use of spices like cumin, coriander and paprika as well as its use of peanut-based sauces.

Ethiopian cuisine is a style of cooking that originated in Ethiopia. It uses lots of spices like ginger and garlic along with various meats such as lamb or chicken for dishes like doro wat (chicken stew).

Nigerian cuisine is another popular type of African cooking which includes dishes like jollof rice (rice cooked with tomato sauce)


New York has a lot of great African restaurants, and these are some of the best.