State Fairs Across The U.S.


The United States is full of exciting places to visit. From coast to coast, there are plenty of fun things to do and see, whether you’re into hiking or just want a relaxing weekend away from your daily routine. And there’s no better way to take in the sights than at the state fairs across America! Here are some of our favorite annual events happening across the country:

Minnesota State Fair

The Minnesota State Fair is an annual celebration of the best of Minnesota. It’s held at the end of August and runs through Labor Day weekend in Saint Paul, Minnesota. There are many things to see and do during this time, including concerts by local musicians and artists as well as food vendors offering everything from deep-fried candy bars to ice cream made with cheese curds!

The admission price covers admission into all rides and attractions at the fairgrounds (though some rides may require additional fees), so don’t forget your wallet when heading out for fun!

New York State Fair

The New York State Fair is an annual event that takes place in Syracuse, NY. It’s the largest fair in the country and has been running since 1841! The fair features over 10,000 animals, 900 food vendors and 300 rides and attractions.

Texas State Fair

The Texas State Fair is an annual event held in Dallas, Texas. It’s been going on since 1886 and is the second largest fair in the country after the Great New York State Fair.

The fair runs for 28 days from late September through early October each year, making it one of the longest running state fairs out there!

Here are some things you can do at this year’s Texas State Fair:

  • Ride a roller coaster or Ferris wheel (or both) – The Tower of Doom ride will give you an unforgettable adrenaline rush! If heights aren’t your thing, try out Thunderbolt or Texas Star Flyer instead. You’ll be able to see all over Dallas while enjoying some amazing views of downtown and its surrounding areas from high above ground level! There are also plenty more rides here including a water park with slides such as Aqua Blast where you’ll get sprayed with cold water but might still manage not get wet enough because this ride moves so fast! Then again there’s always Splashdown Bay which features many different types like wave pools where waves move up & down in sync with music playing overhead; lazy rivers where guests float along slowly moving paths filled with water jets shooting upward periodically throughout entire ride duration; body flumes designed specifically just like ski jumps which propel riders forward at incredible speeds reaching up towards 60mph before slowing down gradually until exiting through another exit tunnel located directly across from entrance point.”

Florida State Fair

The Florida State Fair is a month-long event that takes place in February. This year’s dates are February 6 through March 5, with the grand finale on March 4. The fairgrounds are located in Tampa and everything can be found there: carnival rides and games, food vendors, live concerts…you name it!

Tickets start at $10 per person on weekdays and go up to $15 on weekends (plus tax). Tickets include entry into all of the different attractions within the fairgrounds–it’s not just about what you pay for but also what you get out of your experience as well!

As far as what else there is to see/do at this event…well let me tell ya! There are plenty of things going on throughout each day including live entertainment from bands like Journey or Earth Wind & Fire; dance competitions featuring local high schoolers; art contests where participants can submit original works such as paintings or sculptures made from recycled materials (think cardboard boxes); even livestock shows where animals compete against each other for prizes like Best Dressed Goat or Best Dog In Show! These events take place throughout each day so no matter when you visit there should always be something new going on nearby which makes them great places

California State Fair

The California State Fair is a great place to spend a weekend with your family, friends and coworkers. The fair runs from July 13 through July 29 at the Cal Expo in Sacramento, CA.

The Fair offers tons of entertainment options including carnival rides, live concerts and nightly fireworks shows. You can also enjoy delicious food from local vendors serving up everything from burgers and fries to Chinese food. If you’re looking for something more adventurous try out some cotton candy or fried Oreos!

You will find plenty of things to do while visiting this year’s event including contests like pie eating contests where contestants compete against each other in order win prizes such as free admission passes for next year’s event! There are also many activities available throughout each day so be sure not miss out on any fun moments while visiting this year’s festivities!

Visit these state fairs and festivals.

Whether you’re from the South, Midwest or any other state in the country, there’s a fair or festival for you.

  • State fairs are great because they typically have free admission and parking.
  • Most state fairs also offer free food samples and entertainment throughout the event.


We hope you’ll take a trip to one of these state fairs and festivals. They’re a great way to get out of the house and enjoy some family fun!