How African Arts Played A Critical Role In My Transformation


There’s something about African art that just draws me in. I’ve always been fascinated by the intricacy of the patterns, colors, and designs that are used to make these pieces. So many times I’ve tried to figure out how they achieved such intricate detail without any modern tools or machines! Over time, my interest in African arts turned into a career as well—I started painting on canvas using traditional techniques from West Africa. The power of art to transform lives and communities is undeniable; it gives us a way to express ourselves and connect with others…but also heal ourselves when we’re struggling.

I’ve always been fascinated with African art.

You might be wondering why I’m so fascinated with African art. It’s actually a very simple answer: it’s beautiful.

The intricate patterns and designs of African art are so captivating that they can make me feel like I’m in another world–and by that, I mean an amazing one! As someone who loves nature and appreciates its beauty, this is something that really speaks to me on an emotional level.

I’ve also always been interested in learning about different cultures around the world because it helps us understand how other people live their lives and think about different things than we do here in America (or wherever you happen to live). Learning more about other cultures helps us grow as individuals because it allows us open our minds up even further than before; being able to see things from multiple perspectives allows us greater insight into ourselves as well as others around us!

My passion for African arts was sparked by a trip to the continent.

I was inspired to pursue my new passion after a trip to Africa. The experience of traveling to the continent and being exposed to its rich culture, history and beauty helped me realize how much I loved African arts.

I also learned that there are many ways in which these art forms can be used as an educational tool, especially when it comes to teaching children about their family history and culture. This has led me on my current journey of creating educational materials based on traditional African arts like beadwork or woodcarving so that people can learn more about their own heritage while still having fun doing it!

My interest in African art turned into a career.

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Making art is a serious part of African tradition.

The African tradition of art is a serious part of everyday life. It’s not just some hobby you do in your free time, it’s a way to express yourself and connect with others.

It’s also a way to pass on traditions, history and culture from one generation to the next.

The power of art to transform lives and communities is undeniable.

The power of art to transform lives and communities is undeniable.

Art can be used as a powerful tool for healing, expression, celebration and bringing people together. It’s also an important way to pass on knowledge within communities.

In my case, I was able to use African arts as a way of expressing my grief and trauma after losing my mum; celebrating her life; bringing people together around her memory; teaching others about what she taught me; and sharing this experience with others who may have suffered similar losses or are going through difficult times in their lives right now (or just want some inspiration).

You can find inspiration and healing in African arts

African art is a powerful form of expression that can be used for healing and teaching. It’s been used for centuries to tell stories, teach lessons, celebrate life and more.

African Art Is A Powerful Form Of Expression

African art is an important part of African culture because it gives people an opportunity to tell their stories through painting or sculpture. The paintings are often used as decorations on walls or other surfaces in homes or other buildings where they live; they are also displayed at festivals celebrating different events in their lives (such as birthdays).


I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to travel around Africa and experience firsthand its rich cultural traditions. I’ve also learned a lot about myself through my involvement with these arts, which has helped me heal from some of my past traumas. I hope that by sharing this story with others who might be struggling with similar issues or just looking for something new in their lives, they will find inspiration from my story too!